Let that woman dance!!!

This is Liz weekend to work so I was flying Solo last night. The first thing I noticed last night was that there was probably 150 women and maybe 40 guys. This leads me to the two points I would like to discuss in this email.
1. The guys that were there dancing and having a good time were for the most part “slim”, not over weight. As a people, black men and women are fighting obesity issues. Now I must admit, the Big Girls, OMG, The Big Girls were droppin it , poppin it and backing that thang up! I am always amazed at how well they move. However most were overweight. We have to stop making excuses, lose weight, GET IT DONE! We have been blessed with one body, its yours, take care of it.
2. For the most part when I am flying solo, I dance by myself. When hear a good song and I start feeling it, I go out there and do my thang. Well last night a good song started playing, there were 5 woman five feet in front of me dancing. After 10 minutes one of the woman yelled out, “Are you scared, there are 5 woman here dancing with each other”. In my head I was laughing, I said to myself ” It has been 20 years since someone called me out, TIME TO REPRESENT. ” Now I tell this story because of my job, (16 years) I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of woman. There are so many, so many woman who love to dance. When I would have conversations about dancing, these woman’s eyes light up, body perks up. It like they are ready to go dancing . Problem: 99 percent of these woman only get to dance maybe once every 6 months. they say “There husbands/boyfriends don’t like to dance. So if they are at wedding or function and they are able to get them on the floor, they try to dance as long as they can because they know it may be a long time before they get another chance”. That is a quote from a lot of woman. WTF!!!!!!!!
Fellas if you have a woman who loves to dance, take her dancing. Now some guys are so complacent, you know she aint going anywhere, but don’t treat her like she aint going anywhere. And again don’t be so insecure that if she wants to go dancing with the girls that you give her attitude, act a fool.
Remember , she loves to dance, You know she aint going anywhere, and you too lazy to dance. Ladies you are responsible for your own happiness. You are the CEO in charge of your life………………………………………………………………………… Please teach our daughters this concept

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