What is a Bestfriend

best friends will always be there
but only if its true
best friends will always love you
just for being you
a best friend is always there
to wipe away the tears
you tell them all your secrets
they know all your fears
they’ll let you borrow a smile
even if you haven’t been
talking in a while
a best friend will always love you
no matter what they say
from the first day they meet you
followed by every single day
a best friend will take all the bad times
and throw them all away
a best friend can brighten up
any rainy day
a best friend is there to lend a shoulder
and give a warm hug
a best friend will always be there
they’re someone that you love
a best friend will always be there
they are just a phone call away
but you can call your best friend
and not have anything to say
a best friend always listens
and knows there being heard
even when you dont say
one single word
a best friend understands
that giberish behind all your crying
and best friend knows
when your ass is lying
a best friend sees you for who you are
nothing more and nothing less
so much more then just a good friend
you know that they’re the best

Would it make sense for a Husband, Wife, girlfriend or boyfriend to invest time working on being a best friend to each other? For me the answer is YES!!!! I would rather have a best friend that happens to be my wife vs a wife that is not my best friend.


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Dedicated to sharing knowledge, networking and building effective relationships within our community.
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