This blog is not for Politics or Sex

But there is one point I think I need to make.

It is Time to stop “Face Checking” and start “Fact Checking“.  Folks it is 2012. It is nothing either of these politicians should be able to say on TV that should be able to change your vote without verifying the facts. Again, in 2012 you can use the internet, use U-tube. Video does not lie. Do not trust what Politicians say.

Look at their track record. How many times have they changed their minds on important positions?

Some of the best Liar’s look good Lying


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One Response to This blog is not for Politics or Sex

  1. Victoria says:

    Amen. Each of us have to ask ourselves “what do you really know about this candidate”. Their legacy should speak for themselves. To whom have they been loyal? Who has benefited from them being in office? How will they help me? Whomever meets this criteria SHOULD be who you vote for.

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