I can Overcome

Avant-Garde of Encouragement

Ah, encouragement, it is something we all need intermittently and perhaps, on a daily basis for some. Nonetheless, life offers a tapestry of hard earned and unwelcome lessons, as well as, simple ones. Given the last two years of financial disorder experienced around the world, many people lost jobs, have been displaces from their homes (i.e., Haiti), with untold mounting healthcare related debt; it’s no wonder why many people have become discouraged and dispirited.
Well, despite these real events that is occurring and has occurred in your life or to a family member’s life or others you know, you can surmount whatever challenge you are currently experiencing with your innate fortitude. That’s right, you can and must decide you will overcome. It may not be easy, but you can do it!
How you ask? By telling yourself first, “The challenges I am experiencing is just temporary and it is only preparing me for greater things to manifest in my life.” Sounds simplistic? Well, if it does, that’s just the initial ‘doubt crepe’ trying to grow. The main thing is not allow ‘doubt crepe’ to blossom because it can become emotionally and mentally draining in your pursuit to effect the circumstance in your life, positively.
Second, do not wallow in self-pity because you do not h ave time for that and besides, you are not the only one faced with life challenges. Prime example, just remember our fellow brethren in Haiti!
Third, be productive and manage your time wisely, by organizing and prioritizing things that matters most to you in life. Eventually, things will work out for you, you’ll need to trust and believe. Now, all of this is relative to your overall perspective – how you envision the outlook for your life. The only way to change anything is through action. But be mindful, life does not and will not offer any guarantees. It’s all up to you. You must pay the price to OVERCOME…
Be active. Stay committed. Be hopeful.

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