“Aw man…what is it this time?” I am thinking to myself as I notice that the “CHECK ENGINE” light just came on within the dashboard. Shoot, I just got a tune-up and an oil change and now this! “Bump this….I will keep pushing this whip until I feel like getting it fixed; my car is a trooper like me!”

Hopefully, you never had this conversation, but if you have…if your check engine light came on….what did you do? Did you take it to the dealer/mechanic right away? Did you wait until your next pay day to get it fixed? Or did you do like I just did…do nothing? This is an interesting scenario because you know, our human/physical body gives us that same “check engine light”. When we need rest, we feel fatigued, but we will keep on pushing because we have to finish this project. Our sight may get blurry, but we choose not to see an optometrist because we don’t like how we look in glasses. Our chest hurts and burns, but we equate it to something we ate and not that our pressure may be up or our heart is tightening. How many times have you have your check engine light come on in your body, but never did anything about it?

SIDE NOTE….It is ironic that people take more value and care with their vehicle than their body. You are basically saying a depreciating asset is worth more than your appreciating temple/your body. Go figure!

Two weeks ago, I was hospitalized for 3 days. I experienced an episode where I rushed myself to the emergency room because I could not take the pain anymore. I underwent a painful procedure and painful time during my stay at the hospital. (If you want to know what happened – email me.) This was all caused by me not taking heed of the warning signs that my body was giving me. My CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Could I have prevented this? Maybe. Perhaps. However, this is not about me preventing it, but more about me not seeing a specialist/doctor and trying to “correct” the issue on my own. That is not the way to do it. When you are sick, not feeling well, or your body is doing things that you cannot figure out, make provisions to see a doctor. My thinking then was….”I seen this before and let me take this medicine to fix the problem”. NO NO NO….I ended up taking medicine for something that was not the problem. That could have made it worse, but thank GOD it didn’t. We may can repair some things on our car or stop the bleeding with a band-aid, but some things, we need to see a specialized mechanic or a trained doctor about.

Do you know all of this was not because I was scared to go to the doctor, or that I did not have insurance, or I didn’t have any money to see a doctor…..I didn’t see a doctor because of two reasons: I wanted to make sure I went to my daughter’s field trip because I went to my son’s field trip earlier in the week and I had to complete some forecast reports for work. How silly is that? Lord forbid, but what if I had passed out in front of my daughter on her field trip because of the pain? Furthermore, my job will continue on with or without me. They were successful before I was hired and I am sure they will be after I am dead and gone.

If you wait to late, it could be TOO LATE! Feel me??

My friends….see a doctor when you see that your body is changing or it is hurting. Stop making excuses on why you don’t want to see a doctor. Get that annual physical you have not gotten in 5 years. See a doctor about your blurry vision. Check out why you cannot stand on your right leg for a long time. Find ways to reduce stress and get that extra weight off. You make time for everything else…make time for YOUR HEALTH. You love yourself right??

We have one life to live, so try to live it right. Your body is a TEMPLE. Cherish it. Don’t let your “check engine light” come on before you make an adjustment. Do your routine “health maintenance” beforehand. Please don’t do what I did!!

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