What happened to us, When did men become so “Soft”

These days men are walking around with Man purses. The men are so emotional, hell they are more emotional than woman.  They can have sex with a woman and if the woman does not call back the next day, they are upset. If the woman just wants to have sex, their feelings are hurt. They act like little  Chumps.

Now the women will work two jobs to support their families and the men will not. The men are looking for someone to take care of them whereas the women are looking for a King to help them achieve their goals in life. They are not looking for a grown Man(baby) to take care.

Now these same soft men also expect their woman to keep it tight.(stomach, thighs and legs tight) Yet these men are 30 pounds over weight

Men we need to get back the days when a man took pride in being the leader, the provider, the protector, the James Evans of the household.

More James Evans and Less Pretty Rickys


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