Young Men, we have to do better

What the hell is going on with our young men?
Monday, at one of my accounts I got a chance to meet a young ladies son for the first time. I walk up to shake his hands, looked him dead in the eyes and asked him what his name is. He shakes my hands while looking down at the ground and he says my name is Ron, but they call me Pretty Ricky. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be damned if he thinks I am  going to call him some damn, Pretty Ricky. And it looked like this young man had a man purse, again  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday I ordered pickup at I hop, walked up to the door and a young black couple was at the door of I HOP. Young lady paused at the door waiting for the young man to open the door. I paused to allow time for the young man to act like a gentleman on a date and open the door. This 20 year old black male stood there Confused, he honestly did not know what she was hinting at. I opened the door for the young lady and she looked back at her date and told him sarcasticly “Thank You”.
Saturday(today) Liz woke up hungry so we ordered food for pickup again. Walk into to restaurant. This time I see another couple. Young man about 25, pants hanging off his butt, everything about him looked soft(the way he carried his self). Now, this woman looked more mature(it was 4 am, 41 degrees and this young woman had 4 inch heels with one of the smallest mini skirts I have ever seen. Her legs were BUMPIN, may have been a stripper), Oh I’m sorry I will get back to the point I was trying to make. My point here is that she walked with more confidence, (shoulder back, head up) than the man did. Of course she paid for the meal while he just hopped around her like a little puppy dog.
My point is,   it is taking too long for our young men to mature(if ever). By my first year in college I knew that when you shake someone’s hands you look them  square in the eyes. I knew that you opened doors for young ladies you wanted to impress . I also knew that when you were on a date you made sure that the woman knew you were all about her, nothing else in the restaurant mattered.(even if u were not all about her)
Hell, by my second year in college I would customize a tape specifically for a woman. So when ever we were around each other  I would throw that tape in and I knew it would put her mind at ease and set a tone for the evening. Yes, I’m talkin about  having GAME.  In 1990 fellas took time to work on their GAME, we learned how to romance a little bit. We learned how to set things up when it came to dealing wit a woman.(at times it was like playing chess, u took the time to make sure she knew she was special)These young men these days do not have a clue and the young ladies do not expect it because they have never seen it. They are used to these guys bringing nothing to the table.
Men we have start teaching our young men how to be men
Well I am through venting

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