Keeping Peace N The House

I have a lady friend that I last talked to in November 2012 and then spoke to  though via email yesterday. Both conversations ended with “Keeping Peace N The House“, Now I am not going into to much detail in regards to this lady but I did want to make a couple of comments.

All relationships are not the same. Relationships are complicated and each relationship has its own set of dynamics/rules. So we should not judge or criticize someone in regards to their relationship. Bottom line,  if their relationship is not affecting you, all you can do is tell them your opinion and offer  them your support. That is it. Even in situations where there is abuse.  You can give them help line numbers and support, but that person will have to make a change within first. You can not make that change for them

The two toughest lessons I have Learned in my life are: 

Life is not fair

Spend time on the things that you can control not on things you can not




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