comment on the truth

This is so true, you should always tell the truth, and like you said  it is the way you say things, and how it comes out  of the mouth.  The bible says you can speak life or damnation on your self  by what you say.   These are some things that comes from telling the truth.

1. show respect

2. showing them you care by being honest

3.  building a relationship with that person

then put in certain situations, you may be afraid to be honest. Yet the truth may actually be rewarding.      For example, maybe you had a troubled childhood, and as a result, you are not close to your mother or father, but your fear of looking bad prevented      you from sharing your childhood experiences with your significant other.      Now say a big holiday                                                                                                                                        is approaching, like Thanksgiving, and your mate asks you to invite your      immediate family. If you made up a lie to avoid telling your girlfriend      the real reason you do not want to invite your parents, the fabrication      may cause your girlfriend to believe she is the reason you do not want to      invite your family. Part of the reason telling the truth is so difficult      is because it involves telling someone something they may not want to      hear, according to Truth About Deception, an online relationship resource.      Even though telling your truth may be uncomfortable, it could possibly      strengthen your relation

Author Ruth Ashby

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