When did smiling become Abnormal

On Tuesday of this week two men, one over 50 the other under 30, jokingly said “you are always smiling, something wrong when a man is always smiling”. In high school a couple folks had made similar statements to me. Now that I am older I had a answer for them.
1. I told them, next time you get a chance stop by a Va Hospital. Walk around, spend a couple hours just taking in how the people live on a daily basis. I spent a lot of time at the Va Hospital in Richmond. My father died there. I saw how paraplegics lived on a daily basis.
2. I told them to stop by a Children’s Hospital. Sit in the Lobby for a couple of hours. Watch the parents bring their kids in. Then you you realize that everyday is going to a struggle for some of these kids. Everyday is going to be a struggle for the parents that have to take care of their children.
3. Lastly I told them to stop by a crowded Emergency Room . Spend a hour or so taking in the atmosphere.
I appreciate the fact that I am healthy……………………….. I appreciate the fact that most of my family is healthy………………..
So I told them I am just a happy, very thankful person. That’s me, that’s how I do!
They agreed that they should appreciate the small things in life but I really don’t think they understand. I hope they actually stop by the places I mentioned above. You see for them to truly to understand, They have to change the way they think. Again, they have to change the way they think.
I will post another blog titled, “Changing the way you Think”, at a later date

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