Men, I have forgotten the basics

Fellas , do you remember back in High School. You were a little goofy, not smooth at all but when you pursued a girl you liked, you were all in.  Smiling, saying nice things, putting your best foot forward when you were in her presence.

Guess What, You were making her feel Sexy. Guess what , you were making her feel wanted. Guess What, ALL WOMAN no matter what their age is, WANT TO FEEL SEXY AND WANTED. Far too many men have forgotten this very important point.

Fellas, make a game out of it. Make a list of all the sexy things you can say, or do to or with your woman. Then once a week, do it!

Trust me , a woman who feels sexy is a lot easier to deal with than a woman who does not feel sexy or wanted.  Ladies if I am wrong please comment and let me know



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One Response to Men, I have forgotten the basics

  1. Nicole LD says:

    I agree: and some brothers of Our certain age (40’s late 30’s) seem to only be interested in the chase and spitting “game”…

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