Equation for losing Weight



Everyone understands diet and portion control are important. But the equation above is where most people are failing. Liz has been trying to convince me of this for years. I get it.

1. TIME:  You have to be consistent. Whether you walk, jog, dance, water aerobics, put in the work, etc…, You have to make it a lifestyle. Make a commitment to yourself. Your metabolism is like the current in the ocean working against you. You have to jump start your metabolism and work against the current.

2. HIGH REPS:  We call it the 23 rule. IF you cannot do 20 reps with a weight, then the weight is too heavy. If you do 20 reps a set, 3 sets, you are now incorporating what I like to call muscle aerobics into your weight lifting. This is how you burn fat, this is how most guys get muscle definition.  Doing this also allows your joints and tendons time to get used to lifting the weights and builds up overall stamina.

3. WATER:  Drink 20 ounces of water before every major meal. After drinking the 20 ounces of water you will NOT be able to over eat. Your digestive system will be healthier which in turn will allow your body  do the job it needs to do to keep you healthy. Eliminate sugary drinks(sweet tea, soda, diet soda, Kool-aid )

Well that is it.

Good luck


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