Yearly back to School Address

Our Young Men

Folks we are not doing our young boys any favors when we baby them, force feed them and allow them to have the attitude that being average is OK. I have worked in the private sector for 23 and I can tell you, nobody is spoon feeding grown azz men. The fittest and best(the biggest Shark in the water) is the person who is getting and keeping his job. Young men need to be taught the skills to be mentally tough.
Now I have about 10 people copied on this email that is younger than 25 years old so you might not understand this but for those older we all know and expect a man to:

1. Be able to take care of himself
2. If in a serious relationship, be able to take care of his woman
3. If he has a family, be able to manage all the trials and tribulations that come with work/family

Since we know this, why not do everything we can to prepare our young men to be successful at life? These days I see a lot of young handsome men who are mentally weak, expect everything to just fall in their lap. ( Soft mentally and physically) Last note on this topic. In 2013 in the private sector college graduates are not only competing for jobs against other college grads, they are competing against 40 to 60 year olds who lost their jobs due to layoffs.


The better educated you are, the better decisions you will make, more chances and opportunities you have to be successful. In general this is a true statement.Young people take care of business first, then have fun.
Business=school work
Business= networking with people who want to be successful. College is the best place to network. A lot of times in business its not what you know but who you know. A lot people get good jobs because of people they network with in college.

I tell young men all the time, if you take care of your class work early, you can run as many woman as you want later that night(Don’t get her pregnant) In between classes study. If you do this you can be free by 7pm every night, chasing women or girls checking out guys(Pulling out , does NOT work)

So work hard now so that you can have fun later

I have attached two documents to this email. Young people if you live long enough you will find that everything in these documents is true. I hope you print these and they help you avoid some of the mistakes that people make when they are young.

Good Luck, and have a great year at school.



life is Good !

God is Good!

It is what it is!

Dont talk about it, be about it!!

Somebody, please build some assets!

When you are in a hole, Stop digging!!!

Either get busy livin or get busy dying!!!

Common sense, is not that Common!!

You are what you Eat and the Company You Keep!!

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up!!!

When Preparation Meets Opportunity, Success Comes

Promises may get friends but it is performance that keeps them

Work Hard, Play Hard !!!!

Like I say in Texas Holdem, “I’m all in Baby!”


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