Ladies -Pledge of Allegiance

My Pledge of Allegiance to Me

Written by Letitia L. Hodge

There’s more to me than the human eye can see.

I’m a woman of purpose and destiny.

A perfect design, I’m special and unique.

I won’t be identified by the parts that make

up my physique.

My beauty is not defined by my skin or my hair

and my soul has more value than

the clothes that I wear.

I’m not a symbol of pleasure or sex appeal;

I have the natural ability to comfort

and the power to heal.

When God made me, He created a gem

because He fashioned me in the likeness of Him.

I refuse to do anything that will put God to shame.

I deserve to be treated with reverence

and called by my name.

I can’t be purchased or sold at any price

because I’ve already been bought and paid

for by the precious blood of Christ!

I praise You because I am fearfully and

wonderfully made.

(Psalm 139:14)


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