Negative thoughts

Negative Thoughts – What to Do.
Fred Phillips

negative thoughts Negative Thoughts What to Do.Negative thoughts play a significant roll in disease development. They affect both the pH balance in our body and the state of our immune system.

Thoughts are energy and negative thoughts create negative energy. Negative energy creates stress. which acidifies our body and weakens our immune system, both of which leave us vulnerable to disease. It is essential then that our thoughts are positive.

Negative thoughts stem largely from unhappiness, although it could also be said that unhappiness comes from negative thoughts. They spin in a vicious cycle. This nasty duo results from:

dissatisfaction with our situation
unresolved emotional pain
how we feel about our self
the outcome of certain events

Therefore, in order to generate positive thoughts we need to address the things in our life that are causing our unhappiness.

Let’s start with point one; dissatisfaction with our situation. Perhaps it’s our place of employment, our finances, our relationship(s), where we’re living or our health. We need to ask some questions. What can we do to change our situation? What can we do to alter our expectations? What can we focus on to generate some positive thoughts? If it’s our place of employment, can we find a new job? Can we talk to our manager (anyone who can help) about our unhappiness? Can we request a new job within the company? Can we start a hobby at home to take our mind off work? Can we find something specific about our job that we like and focus on it? Is there a certain expectation about our job (perhaps our rate of promotion) that we can change?

There is always something we can do. We just need to take charge and do it!

If unresolved emotional pain is at the root of our unhappiness (which it quite often is), we need to examine our unpleasant experiences and see how we’re feeling about them. Are we’re angry with somebody who mistreated us? Are we angry with ourselves for something we did? Have we properly mourned someone who died? If the answer is yes, we need to express our feelings, grieve where we need to, apologize where we need to and forgive where we need to forgive.

If we’re unhappy because we don’t feel good about ourselves (in other words, we don’t feel lovable, deserving, adequate or empowered), there are things we can do to create a positive self image. For instance, we can start being kind, we can start speaking up and we can be honest at all times (especially if we’re in the habit of being dishonest). We can dress nicer, lose weight, volunteer and read self-help books. We can also see a therapist who can help us come to terms with the deficiencies in the way our parents raised us.

When outcomes of specific events cause unhappiness, it usually has to do with expectations. We expect a certain outcome and when it doesn’t happen, we’re left feeling unhappy. We expected it to be sunny, but it rained. We thought our team would win, but they didn’t. We thought the traffic would be light, but it wasn’t. Whatever the event, the best way to ensure happiness, is to not have any expectations. Find a way to make the best of it. For example, if you find yourself in a long line at the grocery store, strike up a conversation with someone (don’t bitch though).

Negative thoughts do not benefit us in any way. They put our health at risk, so it’s important that we eliminate them. There is nothing like a positive frame of mind!


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