Time to throw the scale OUT……..

Most experts and indexes state that if you are 5’9″ inches tall , you should weigh 175 pounds. So when I get on the scale in my bathroom the reading on the scale says “FAT BOY”.  To that I say “Bullshiggity”

Back in September I began eating a lot more protein.(I love Greek yogurt. I add one scoop of whey protein to a bowl of Greek yogurt to give it flavor. Easily 80  grams of protein. Could eat this all day) Also allowed the Mrs. to be my personal trainer.

I have gained 12 pounds of muscle. 196 pounds to 208 pounds. Aerobically  I am  in the best shape of my life and I do eat much, just take in a good amount of protein.

So how much you weigh is not as important as how you view your body. Do you like how your body looks?

Fellas, between the age 25 and 55 your body is going to get bigger. The question is are you going to have:

1. A bigger, more muscular, ripped up back.

2. Or broader, stronger shoulders

3. Or a bigger belly

Ladies. It’s tough. Between hormone changes, mid life changes  and  less muscle to work with(muscle burns fat, men have more muscle so it is easier for us to lose weight). With all that working against  you all I can say is:

1. Try to eliminate as many of the unhealthy carbs from your diet.

2. Try to consistently find a way to exercise  3 times a week.

3. Find a multivitamin that works for you


Final notes:

Your metabolism is like a ocean current which works against you. As you get older the current gets stronger. So if you are swimming against the ocean current, you have to swim harder. Better diet, Exercise  and drinking lots of water is a start

Fellas, workout with your wives. I do not understand how a husband can go to gym consistently and never try or ask his wife to go to the gym and workout with him.   Help your mother, your sister or a family member setup a exercise routine.



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