Do You Have “Broke” Habits or Wealthy Habits?

Do You Have “Broke” Habits or Wealthy Habits?


Patrice C. Washington

Most people understand the saying that we are “creatures of habit.”  The part they don’t get, however, is that habits come in two forms: doing and not doing. Many of us can think of the things we actively do each day as habits which may be either good or bad. 

But, when you don’t do the things you know you should be doing, then you are practicing the often unnoticed habit of simply not doing, which can be just as detrimental.  As I tell my clients often, “Stop telling me what you are trying to do.  You’re either doing or you’re not doing. There is no in between.”

So, if you aren’t practicing wealthy habits, then more than likely you are practicing un-wealthy, or dare I say, “broke” habits. Once you acknowledge that there is no in between and begin to take action, you can move onward and upward. The choice is ultimately yours.


Here are a few ways to break your “broke” habits and begin creating wealthy ones today:


The number one reason people fail is because they have no goals to begin with. It’s impossible to get what you want if you aren’t exactly sure of what you want.  You need to be clear about your intentions in order to create them.  Write them down and be as concise with any details, as possible – especially those dealing with numbers or financial objectives. You’ll be amazed at how opportunities come about and begin to lead you in the direction of your goal.


Understanding your value allows you to create wealth by knowing what to charge for your service or product. We are all blessed with unique abilities and talents.  Selling ourselves short is an insult to God.  He gives us the ability to produce wealth, but when we don’t maximize that potential to the fullest, we can’t turn around and beg God for much more else financially.  Once you understand and declare your value, you will be much more confident in charging what you are worth and communicating that to potential clientele.


When you remain grateful, you allow yourself to find wealth in whatever situation you may be experiencing at any given moment.  When you are grateful for what you already have as well as those things you desire, you become happier and healthier and continue to attract more of the same. As you read, say to yourself, “I am grateful for all the money I have now.” Have you ever heard the saying “What you resist, persists?” Murmuring and complaining has never created wealth.  Actually, it only achieves the opposite.  Being discontent will take your focus off of your goal by wasting time and energy and moving you further away from what you claim to want.


The reality is that obstacles are going to be thrown your way no matter how much positive thinking and prayer you use.  Instead of allowing life’s distractions to throw you off course, you have to accept them, learn the lesson and move on – continuously pressing toward your goals.  When you can look life head on and say, “XYZ challenge has occurred, but what can I do now to move on?” you will reach goals you never thought were possible!  Taking on this type of attitude teaches you to act in spite of your own doubts, ridicule from others, fears, etc.  When you press on despite the unexpected, you build courage and take down challenges one by one!

That’s our Q to your A! Tell us what  you think in the comments below.

What wealthy habits are you already practicing in your life? How has it benefited you?
Have you recognized some habits you need to leave behind? What are they and why?



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