10 Principles to Living Your life with Freedom and discovering You Inc.

10 Principles to discovering You Inc. and living your life with Freedom


1. Principle number 1:Take Responsibility encourages us to take responsibility for our actions….our happiness…our success…our health…and our finances.

2. Principle number 2: Dare to Dream reminds us that our dreams are blueprints of our future successes…and  that the people who achieve the biggest successes are always the biggest dreamers.

  1. Principle number 3: The Power of Belief discusses the importance of replacing I CAN’T thinking -what I call “stinkin thinkin”-with I CAN thinking
  2. Principle number 4: The Courage to Take Action reminds us that small, consistent actions can yield huge dividends…and that it takes daily courage and discipline to overcome the two biggest enemies of action- procrastination and excuses
  3. Principle number 5: Attitude is Everything confirms the following observation by W. Clement Stone. “There is little difference in people. But that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.
  4. Principle number 6: Develop Productive Habits tells us the importance of choosing productive habits that will make us better, rather unproductive habits that set us up for failure.
  5. Principle number 7: Manage Your Emotions emphasizes the importance of our being in charge of how we feel….and reminds us that when it comes to emotions, it’s either RUN or RUIN-that is, RUN your emotions , or your emotions will RUIN your life!!!!
  6. Principle number 8: Prepare for Success emphasizes the importance of acquiring useful knowledge and refining our skills by attending seminars…reading books…listening to tapes….and associating with positive people.
  7. Principle number 9: Balance Your life communicates that in order for us to be complete human beings, we need to balance the Five F’s in our lives, that is Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends and Finances.
  8. Principle number 10: Change-Or Be Changed explains that the key to change is making it work for us, instead of against us….and that we must consciously change and grow as individuals if we are serious about dramatically improving our fair market value.


Principles are from my favorite book of all time,

You Inc by Burke Hedges



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