Message to the 2014 College and High School Graduates

Message to the 2014 College and High School Graduates


Money: History proves that most things in life come and go in “Cycles”, examples

1. Stock market will rise and fall.

2. Housing prices will fall and rise

3. Interest rates are were very high in the 90s , very low now and will be very high in the future

The key is to remain consistent and have a plan so that you are in position to take advantage when the cycle is moving in a positive direction. Example: When the stock market hits rock bottom, get in and stay consistent. When the market is going through the roof, stay consistent. Saving should be viewed as a marathon not a sprint. Every 5 years review your portfolio and make adjustments based on your situation.

The Marathon. look at these numbers. if you save

100 dollars per month X 12 months=1200 dollars per year X 10 years= 12,000 dollars

200 dollars per month X 12 months=2400 dollars per year X 10 years= 24,000 dollars

300 dollars per month X 12 months=3600 dollars per year X 10 years= 36, 000 dollars

Now to some of you “Ballas”, this may not seem like a lot of money but “LIFE” has a way of throwing curve balls. Be prepared for “LIFE”. Change your MENTALITY TOWARDS MONEY. Stop acting like your parents will be there to help you financially. Act like your parents can not help you financially and make decisions based on taking care of yourself. Trust me, myself, my wife, my brothers ,we all have lived with that mindset since we graduated from high school and it paid huge dividends when we started working.


Do not talk about doing better, JUST DO BETTER!

Do not use the phrase “I Cant”, focus on “I Can”

Attitude is Everything. If you have a STANK attitude, then expect STANK results out of life and out of your relationships.

Ladies Love Yourself, Know your value

The most important advise I was ever given:

Talk to people who are 10,15,20 years older than you on a regular basis. People older than you have life’s experiences and life’s mistakes. These experiences can help you avoid life’s pitfalls. Examples:

1. Relationships, Financial information, planning out your retirement years. There is a wealth of knowledge that is not being passed down to younger generations. The best decisions I have made in my life were based off of the mistakes people shared with me about their life. Ask people this question:

1. If you had to do it all over again, what three things would you do different?



CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all the High school and College graduates.





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