Little tidbits from vacation

Story #1

On our way to a snorkeling adventure an older couple (55 to 60 years old) from Seattle Washington got on our shuttle bus. The wife was a talker. She talked the entire 30 minutes to myself and the Mrs. She said ” we were paying $2400 dollars a month for mortgage. Last year they decided to sell. Took $10,000 dollars, bought a mobile home and they are paying $350.00 dollars a month to rent living on the land.(not a trailer ct). She said now we can afford to take nice vacations and if anything happens to her husband she can afford to live off of her disability”.

Now I promised the Mrs. I would not talk about business or financial planning while on vacation, so I will speak now. My Interpretation of what the lady said was:

Minimize the amount of monthly debt you have. Simplify life. This will allow you to:

Travel the way you want to Travel!

Live the way you want to Live!


Story #2

On our connecting flight home in Atlanta we stopped to grab dinner. There was a young man at the table next to us, he was a writer and travels all over the world. The Mrs. asked him what was his favorite destination? He said because of the internet and the picture website, your experience is kind of diluted because you know what you are going to see and how it looks before you get there. Two things he did say:

1.The best trips are those you meet your friends or travel with your friends to a location. No matter whether you are in Rome, Australia or Germany, when friends are there to share the experience, the fun ,the excitement are all magnified 3X, those experiences stay with you the rest of your life.

2. Some people are determined to have a bad time whereas others are determined to have a good time. I want to be with and be one of those people who are determined to have a GOOD TIME.


Note: Marcelle and Terry. In the past his friends told him the best place to party in the world was in Rome. He finally made there and he said” I did some things I probably should not have done”. He partied on the same street we partied on in 2005. It was also a crazy 2 days for us also :)))))))




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