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Lessons From the End of a Marriage How do you handle your scars? Not the physical ones, the mottled yet smooth flesh that speaks of wounds to the body. But the emotional ones. The invisible lesions that cross your heart … Continue reading

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After the 70 days, part 12: ‘The emoji-confusion. He send me the “face with heart shaped eyes”.’

Originally posted on 70 days without men:
Emoji’s should clarify the meaning of a text. When we started texting, it wasn’t always clear in which voice we should read the words. Due to the absence of intonation, volume, facial expression in…

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WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am doing a Spike Lee, ” School Daze” Wake Up call to everybody!!!   This week our Virginia politicians voted down expanding Medicaid. Now exactly what does that mean: 1. The Government set aside 5.5 million dollars per … Continue reading

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Runners Im back!!!!!!!

Back in February I hurt my right calf muscle playing basketball. Since then every time I do the repititive action of jogging, my right or left calf muscles cramp up. I tried rest, stretching, more fluid intake, nothing worked. I … Continue reading

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Is This Why Women Fall For Jerks?

Very true. James Michael Sama It’s no secret that women have historically preferred the dominant male to the “nice guy.” There are books written about it, movies made about it, and just about everyone is aware of this phenomenon. Then, why … Continue reading

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After the 70 days, part 5: “Maybe men are just as confused as women in modern dating culture”

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Dating-weeding through bad apples

This past Friday I was working in a lab and this young attractive 28 year woman asked my opinion about men. How can women weed through the bad apples? In my mind I was asking myself, why is she asking … Continue reading

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