Life is like a 10-Speed Bike

Since vacation I have been doing 3 sets of 15 pull ups. I had been bragging to the Mrs. telling her that I have been really pushing myself, you know putting in work. Well tonight at the gym I saw a guy take 45 pounds and attach it to his waist and do 5 pull ups. I said to myself , “its no way I could do that, I struggled doing 15 reps of pull ups with my own weight”. After a 30 minute aerobic workout and 20 minutes of lifting it was time to go. On my way downstairs I noticed that the belt the guy used to lift the weight for pull ups was still there. My curiosity took over. So I put the belt around my waist and added 25 pounds.( I just wanted to see how it felt) I did 12 reps, I could not believe it. Added 45 pounds and did reps of 8 and then 6. I was stunned because I had talked myself into believing that

1. There was no way I could do that

2. I am already pushing myself to the max, no need in trying to do it

3. I thought I really had been pushing myself, shame on me


This takes to the main point of this post. Life as it relates to a 10 speed bike. Most people have gears they never use. Most people get comfortable , stop challenging themselves. They stay in the 5th gear and convince themselves that this is the best they can do, that this is all they can do. You will never know how many great things you can achieve if you do not challenge yourself. You have to challenge yourself, make yourself a little uncomfortable by doing things you never imagined. In church they tell you that sometimes God makes you uncomfortable so that you will change or so that you will move on allowing room for new things in your life.

Folks sometimes in Life you have to go “FULLTHROTTLE”. If you are in 5th gear, push yourself ,try something different, try out your 6th gear. If it’s too fast for you, you can always ease back to fifth gear but what if you end up liking the 6th gear? Oh snap!!!! Next thing you know you will begin planning on how you will get to the 7th gear. Yes success and personal growth are contagious and addictive.

1. Stop taking the easy way out. Being uncomfortable when you are trying to achieve your dreams is not a bad thing.

2. Stop pedaling through life in low gear. It might be easier but it is also easier to get stuck in a rut, sleep walking through life. Making the same poor decisions over and over again

3. If you have negative people in your life, GET RID OF THEM, GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE FAST!!!!! Do not allow their negativity to become a part of your life, a part of your routine. GET RID OF THEM, REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR LIFE

4. Don’t allow fear and things from your past to prevent you from achieving great things in your future.

5.   Follow your Instincts. Human beings are the only species on Earth that most of the time does not follow their instincts. Successful people follow their instincts and manage their emotions




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