SoCS – Slip of the Tongue

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One slip of the tongue. That’s all it takes for our world to be turned upside down. Without thinking, we let our words flow like rivers. Once the river flows over the embankment, there is no taking it back. What’s done is done.

We let emotions lead us into making statements that we would never make under any other circumstance. They say (whoever they are) that there is always an ounce of truth in everything we say. That slip of the tongue that you try so diligently to back peddle away from; most likely there’s truth in it.

We can try to back peddle with all our might, but the hearer has already heard all they need to hear. Those words, that ounce of truth that you spoke, is now in their mind to stay. There’s nothing you can do to change it. What’s said is said.

That is why…

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