Dating-weeding through bad apples

This past Friday I was working in a lab and this young attractive 28 year woman asked my opinion about men. How can women weed through the bad apples? In my mind I was asking myself, why is she asking me? These days I try to avoid these types of questions because I believe most woman already know the answers to the questions they are asking. After a moment of thought this is what I told her

1. Rule number 1: Actions speak louder than words. Watch what he does, how he acts in certain situations vs what he says

2.Rule number #2: How does he treat his mom? Does he respect his mother ? Does he respect woman ? If he does not respect his mother there is a good chance that he may have trouble respecting you.

3. Rule number 3: Most men are all about the CHASE. During the CHASE phase They will wine and dine you. Show you how good life can be with them but once you give up the “Cookie”, most of the times things change. If things do change then you know he was all about the Chase and not all about you.

4. Rule number 4: If you do decide you want to have sex with him see if he is adamant about using protection. Or is he one of these nasty guys out here who do not want to use protection. Stick their little wee wee in anything, they can throwing caution to the wind. If so, RUN LIKE HELL!!!!   In my opinion woman should ask for test results and credit score before they give up the “Cookie”

5. Rule number 5: Bad boys= roller coaster rides of emotion. If you like up and down moments, if you like great evenings and some nights where you are crying in the bed asking yourself “why is he doing what he is doing? Mood swings.

Then the Bad Boy type is the one for you. Then I recommended she ask woman over 40 the same question..

Find a friend first then transition into a relationship. Best advise I can offer


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