Runners Im back!!!!!!!

Back in February I hurt my right calf muscle playing basketball. Since then every time I do the repititive action of jogging, my right or left calf muscles cramp up. I tried rest, stretching, more fluid intake, nothing worked. I even tried to contact a personal trainer we know in Korea that does Yoga and runs daily. Apparently their advice cost money so I was not able gain any ground there. So the only aerobics I have been able to do the last 4 months are swimming ,cycling, stepper machines, sex and the Elliptical machines.
Well this past Thursday we were in the family room looking at TV and Will Smith’s Men in Black video came on. Me being the clown that I am, I jump up and start dancing like the alien “looked” in the video. ( I kept my back and upper torso straight, feet flat on the floor and lowered my body by bending my knees) I was gettin in, doing the damn thang!!! Liz was laughing her azz off, talking about I look crazy. Of course I was having too much fun so she jumped up and started dancing, she was Will Smith.
The purpose of this email. While I was dancing like the Alien I discovered what my issue was with my calf muscles. The muscle that runs from the back of you shin up to the back of my calf muscle, this muscle was very tight but doing the dance was stretching it out. After that I did that stretching motion 3 to 5 times day.
Runners I am back!!!!!! Today Liz and I ran 2 miles in 25 minutes. Now in the past we run 2 miles in 20 minutes but we were being careful today. So runners if you going jogging hit me up, I’m ready.
Cross Country folks: I am not training for no damn marathon. 5k is the furthest I want to carry my muscular 212 pound body frame. After 5k other body parts need attention

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