WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am doing a Spike Lee, ” School Daze” Wake Up call to everybody!!!


This week our Virginia politicians voted down expanding Medicaid. Now exactly what does that mean:

1. The Government set aside 5.5 million dollars per Day to help the state of Virginia expand Medicaid . 5.5 million dollars per day. Virginia politicians (mainly Republicans) turned their nose up to the money and refused to expand Medicaid.

2. What kind of fool would turn down money that was put in place to help 400,000 people. How can they say they want to help people when they do something like this.


Instead of getting mad at Petty stuff that the media likes to spend time on, get mad when politicians do dumb stuff like this. Now I am not saying we go out and do the Rodney King thing.(Burn down houses, break into business, beat people up)

I am just saying we need to hold politicians accountable when they make these kinds of decisions. Decisions that directly affect 400,000 people. Decisions that will cost hospitals and Doctors offices to turn away patients.


At the voting booth make decisions based on the overall good of your community, not:

1. Religion: As far as I know God is the only one judging on judgment day. So stop judging others, leave that to God.

2. Stop worrying about what people do in their bedrooms. That is not your business!!!

3. This is the most important of all. Understand that Greed is the biggest enemy to the United States. Every law that gets passed and is pushed through by the lobbyist. The only thing that matters to big business is money, how much more can they get.

The big question is, can we force our politicians to spend more money in our own country? Not over seas

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!


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