Last night at the last moment I decided to stop by and pick Liz up from work. She had driven to work but I figured I could pick her up and drop her off at her job tomorrow. Arrived 15 minutes early and realized that I needed to use the rest room so I walked into the ER . After using the restroom I was heading for the exit an older man in a wheel chair with his head down said “can you help me to the restroom”. Again he asked the question but when I looked at his face, he was looking down. You see he did not know how I was going to react, he was embarrassed that he had to ask but hell he needed to use the bathroom. I said sure.

While pushing him to the bathroom a 1000 thoughts were running through my mind. This was too familiar. I knew the routine. This man was about 70 years old, 250 pounds black male and I knew that I would not just need to push him to the bathroom, I would need to help him out of the wheel chair, help him to the toilet, wait and then maybe help him off the toilet. For those of you that do not know, my Mom, myself and three brothers had to do this on a daily basis for ten years. That experience changes you. It sets the tone for how you choose to live your life.

After 10 minutes in the rest room I realized I had to go and make sure Liz I knew I was there. The man was surprised that I was not phased at all by this . I mean he was in there taking a crap, wiping his butt. He thanked me for helping him and I told him I would let the people up front know he was in the restroom.

So why am I sharing this info

When you get a chance stop by an emergency room and just sit there for a couple of hours.

When you get a chance stop by a VA hospital and just sit there for a couple of hours

Then ask yourself, am I really living life to the fullest? Am I thankful for the things I can do vs. the things I cannot? If the answer is NO, then ask yourself, Why the Hell am I not living life to the fullest?

Taking care of my father for ten years, hardened me, made me focus. I take NOTHING for granted. I cannot believe people walking around taking their body for granted, taking their family and friends for granted and most importantly taking TIME for granted.

1. Never waste another person’s time. Once tomorrow is gone, it’s gone. That person will never get a chance to get that back

2. Challenge your body when you are young. You will need a strong core and strong muscles in order to enjoy life once you reach 60. If you don’t use it you will lose it.

3. Make it a priority or constantly search for opportunities to: Laugh and giggle every day. Dance all night long. Take a walk in the warm rain. have that moment when you feel like you are on top of the world or you have that moment when you are like whew, I cannot believe that felt that good!!!

My father was perfectly fine one day then the next day he was at the hospital fighting for his life then two days later he was paralyzed from the waist down. STOP TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED

I promise no more postings like this. Helping that man last night reminded me, why I live the way l live. My mom and wife say I hold people to a higher standard and because I do this I am often disappointed in people. So maybe I should not do this. I say IT IS WHAT IT IS, people should expect the best from others.



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