Killing a Human being should always be the last resort!!!!

Comments from Connie Johnson

I sent this to CNN and MSNBC… May not matter but this is what I have on my mine.

I am watching your coverage of an unarmed teenager who was walking in the street and was killed with unnecessary multiple shots by a police officer. My question is, why did the police use the least amount of force by using a TASER.

Then today, police killed another youth because he asked to be killed. The youth only banished a knife. My question is, why did the police use the least amount of force by using a TASER.

I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Recently, A Smithfield, VA police used a taser on a young man walking in the street because he turned his back to the police, leaned on the back of the police car and responded to the policemen’s statement that he would tase him. The youth told the policeman to tase him. The police officer standing in the middle of the street tased the youth. The young man fell back and cracked his skull open. The youth went to jail after medical treatment. Unnecessary force used by the police officer with no consequences.

I am a baby boomer, been there, seen that. But the police in Ferguson, MO believe in shot to kill black young men. I even notice on the news coverage of excessive police force during the night. Police were fatigued and were easily provoked by minor incidents.

Continue to bring use live coverage of the Ferguson riot. I believe that the department is fatigued and gun happy.

Please think of reporting my observations of the riot and of the handling of young black men by police in Ferguson and other places in the United States of America.

Thank You!

Observer C B Johnson

Suffolk, VA

Thx For sharing Ms. Johnson


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