Invest in Yourself

Every day you wake up, you have a choice to make. You can wake up being thankful for the things you have and excited about the opportunity to live another day OR you can wake up complaining, unthankful and not excited about the opportunity to live another day. I will always choose to be happy and thankful for the opportunity to live another day.

The days of Liz and myself trying to save people from themselves are OVER. Most grown folks know what they need to do. They either don’t have the “guts” to make a change in their situation OR they really do not want to put in the necessary work needed to see significant change. A lot of people put their energy and time into someone else but will not invest in themselves. They would not bet everything they have on themselves. They would prefer to break their backs trying to make sure someone else is happy vs breaking their backs to make sure that they themselves are happy.

When you see a person you consider to be successful at life, understand this. Most successful people spend years developing themselves, working hard and making wise decisions. Yes, they still make mistakes along the way but the years of doing things the right way usually minimize the effects of those mistakes.

My father Robert L. Ashby once said, “If things are going well and life is good, keep doing what you are doing. If things are not going well and life is not good, do something different!!!!”

I say if you want something, really want something, then put in the hard work needed to get what you want.


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