Is it just my life

Is it just my life? For more details on some of these stories, call me
1. Riot at Lafayette High School. Entire school skipped class and was outside fighting. Race Riot
2. 10th grade. 8 big girls got to fighting in computer room hallway. Do you remember that narrow 10 foot hallway that led to the computer? They fought from one end to the other. Greg(Bull) almost got his jaw broken trying to break up brawl
3. 9th grade: Newport News skating ring. People from Lafayette were being intimidated by gangs in Newport News. Entire football team with Jerseys on go to skating rings. Brawl breaks out. We were picking up and throwing people all over the place.
4. Gloucester: We go to party at a hall, 8 deep. Fight breaks out (I think Bernard Canady was being attacked and he was with us. Fight carries out into the field and Tony Greenhow is now surrounded. 40 people have formed a circle around him and another guy. Orlando you were there, do you remember?
5. Penn State: In the auditorium before a Town Hall event. Guy(Caucasian) gets mad because a guy(who just happens to be black) had been flirting
with his girl. He steals on him. Hits him like a blocking dummy. Fight breaks out one row in front me. I try to break it up and I get punched. That’s when all hell broke out.

Switching directions

People that grew up in Williamsburg do you remember:
1. The Youth Center where we used to party and hang out at
2. The field parties we used to have. They were like class reunions
3. The House parties. OMG!!, The House parties where you walk down into a basement and it is dark, no lights. Either you were dancing or grinding
4. Moore Town road basketball court parties. Someone would bring out Dj stand and speakers. Kirk Sheppard would be behind the Dj stand with a flash light and on slow songs he would put the flash light on couples and tell them how they should be doing it, LOL.
5. Last but not least, our uncle and aunts showing us how to party and enjoy the moment. Darryl Wynn, Sara Jimmerson, Sharmaine Ellis, Jim Gay, Ruth, Brian, Jap, Robert, Issac Ashby. Thank You for showing us the importance of how to relax our shoulders, let our hair down and how to “Turn it Up”. ,when it is time to celebrate with friend and family.


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