You may not be what you eat (now) but you will be


green smoothie 1

So what is this riddle all about?  I had a brief exchange with a young man (21 years old) recently.  He was drinking an energy drink and saying that he knew they were bad for him.  One of his justifications was that he doesn’t drink coffee so that’s his way of ‘waking up’ when he begins his day.  I asked him why he just didn’t go to bed earlier.  His reply was that that absolutely not an option with his lifestyle and specifically spending time with his girlfriend.   He then said that he can ‘get away with it’ at this age and once this phase was over he would stop drinking them.  I told him that when someone develops an illness in middle age or older it’s not because of something they consumed yesterday or even last year.  The negative  consequences of unhealthy habits compound in the body over…

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