Protein – Are you Getting Enough From High Quality Sources???

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We all hear of body builders, athletes and health “freaks” (I, myself being one of them) being concerned about their protein intake. Rightfully so, and it may not be for the reasons that immediately jump into your head. Eating protein builds muscle. WRONG! Consuming protein does not build muscle. Exercising does. This myth is one of the many currently misguiding the general public. The amount of protein you consume has zero correlation with the amount of muscle mass you have and/or develop.

According to Harvard’s School of Public Health and the USDA MyPlate Public Health Program, consuming adequate amounts of protein does however:

1.) Keep you feeling full longer = less snacking, making it easier to manage caloric intake, aiding in weight loss

2.) Helps to offset the “sugar spike” when consumed along side high carbohydrate containing foods

3.) Provides amino acids – the necessary cellular building blocks for all…

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